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Idea & Technology Consulting

The idea and technology are crucial before developing anything. We are here to help you in this phase. We provide consultations on ideas and technology stack of your project.

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UX & UI design

We create all our techologies with people in mind. User experience and information architecture form an important part of our process. We create wireframes (clickable prototypes) for you to touch and feel the application before it's programmed.

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Software development

We create web/mobile apps and SaaS for various customers including local and international companies. We use open-source platforms and agile approach to develop stable and scalable software solutions.

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Agile approach

We develop all our projects in rapid iterations called sprints. It helps us plan our resources efficiently and provide our clients with feedback as well as gain better insight into the project.

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Cloud solutions

Most of our projects are cloud-based. It helps us create a growing software with rock-solid infrastructure that can be easily scaled.

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Customer zones for your
B2B customers

Customer zones are a great way to save on operation costs and customer support. Our customer zones are intuitive and easy to use, which gives you the CX advantage.

Loyalty systems for B2B clients

Track the performance of your customers and reward them with ease. We develop easy to use and intuitive loyalty systems that can handle unlimited number of customers.

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Enterprise resource planning and CRM

Operation efficiency is all about planning and resources. We create automated tools that help managers keep track of data and plan the workflow of companies. Our solutions spread from small teams to international companies.

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Mobile apps

Mobile is the first screen each of us uses every day. Therefore we create user friendly, fast and helpful mobile apps for various platforms from iOS to Android.

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Web application development

Cloud-based web applications help our clients keep the costs down and access the projects from various devices.

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