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How does it work?

Find out how you can turn councillors’ smartphones into modern voting devices and make your meetings more efficient.

Benefits of voting according to councillors

  • Voting results are available instantly during the voting, directly on your phone
  • Exact wording - councillors see the exact wording of the resolutions they are voting on
  • Intuitive controls - SMARTvote is easy to use
  • Lower error rate - no errors occur during voting and counting the votes
  • Remote voting available when you need to hold a virtual meeting
  • Environmental benefits - mobile voting saves paper and energy resources

Mobile voting is


lower acquisition costs - all you need is a smartphone and Internet connection


voting is available even in rooms without any hardware equipment


compatible with local government systems


all set for virtual meetings when you need to discuss things online

Technical solution

Identity verification

The identity of the body representatives gets VERIFIED during registration by using an SMS or e-mail code. The whole verification process takes only few minutes. You don’t need any initial investments; you simply have to register every representative to your account. Following this step you can immediately start your first voting.

Cloud based

The service is cloud based so there is no need to install any hardware or software equipment. After the representatives install the app into their mobile device (mobile phone, tablet) with Android or iOS operating system they are immediately ready to start voting with their device.

Voting results

Voting RESULTS are available in PDF or XLS format and complete results are available in the XML format which is compatible with the output of your hardware voting devices. You can directly use the results for further processing, e.g. with the online city council system on