How we {help}

We might not be a big company, but with our small deeds we strive to change society for the better.

Our actions are aimed not only at the outside world, but we try to improve our attitudes towards everyday life within BRACKETS as well. For us, protection of our environment and sustainable way of life are not just trendy slogans, but they give all our activities a profound meaning.

ECO BRACKETS in figures:


of waste separated
into 5 different containers


driven to work
with zero emissions

80 pieces

of clothing
donated to charities

PF charity gift

At BRACKETS we believe that the act of giving makes the best gift. Therefore, we had come up with an original Christmas gift for our clients which presented an opportunity for them to support one of the selected civil society organizations doing good in various life areas. They received a credit from us which they could donate to their selected organization.

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Supporting gastronomy with Tringelt

Gastronomy was severely hit by the pandemic, so it is of utmost importance that we try to help our favourite places as much as we can. There are approximately 60 thousand people working in the gastronomy sector in Slovakia. Together with our mother agency Triad we had decided to give a helping hand and created the portal. Its aim is to help restaurants provide online services and promote sales, all royalty-free.

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Open-source Craftable

We developed an open-source online tool Craftable for creating administration interfaces which is available to the public free of charge. We regularly update the system and provide support to the community by answering questions and implementing ideas and requests suggested by users.

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Supporting community of IT enthusiasts for Laravel

… as well as related technologies, PHP experts and web developers by setting up freely accessible Meetups – lectures aimed at sharing of knowledge and practical experience.

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Previously we provided financial support to following organizations and projects:

Civil society organization Vagus is devoted to social work activities helping homeless people. Every year they provide their specialist help to about 2,000 people.

Adoptuj úl

In 2019 we engaged in an awesome project supporting pollination by bees and apiculture development.

Civil society organization Červený nos Clowndoctors brings humour and laughter to people in need of joy. Their Clowndoctors visit ill children and seniors across the whole Slovakia.

This independent charitable association of citizens and legal persons aims to actively support mental health causes. In addition, this organization operates the only nonstop hotline Nezábudka providing help for anyone who finds themselves in mental distress.

This is a group of volunteers accompanying people who suffer from long term illness or are at the end of their lives. Their goal it so mitigate their suffering and improve the psychosocial conditions of patients in hospitals during their final journey.

This civil society organization supports exceptionally talented Roma children living in socially disadvantaged families in developing their knowledge and talents. Their scholarship programme forms the future of Roma children and gives them a chance to lead a better life.