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30-40% reduction of pesticide budget

How it works

At the heart of the platform are unique algorithms that integrate the results from over 25 years of R&D. Based on an evaluation of pathogen life cycles, climatic conditions, and phenological stages, a winegrower receives personalised advisory information for the respective vineyard.

We integrated this algorithm into an intuitive digital solution (web portal and mobile app) for anyone involved in vineyard cultivation.


VITIPORT has been created by a team of experienced professionals with 25+ years of experience in the fields of phytopathology, entomology, agronomy, mathematical analysis, programming, IT and marketing from several European countries.

Their goal is to replace conventional chemical methods of plant protection methods with more environment-friendly and sophisticated methods on knowledge and earning that they do not endanger human health or the existence of living nature.
VITIPORT currently operates in 7 European countries.

Solution details

The VITIPORT app is designed for anyone involved in vineyard cultivation: vineyards of various sizes, winemakers, agronomists, consultancy companies, distributors and agro/eco/bio pesticides and their manufacturers, as well as wine-growing enthusiasts.

Software automatically finds the source of meteorological data (satellite, radar data, and terrestrial data) in a dense terrestrial raster and downloads inputs for "clicked" vineyard and starts calculations.

Personalized forecasts and recommendations for your vineyard parcel

After registration, the users identify the location of their vineyard with a single click on the map (via Google maps).

Weather report Satellite, radar and terrestrial weather data for a vineyard
Mathematical agorithm Evaluation of abiotic factors’ relevant paramete
Forecasts and recommendations Prediction of key pathogens' development cycle as well as phytosanitary advice
Icon-Feature/Finance Created with Sketch. Financial savings No initial investment into purchase of hardware equipment and meteo stations
Icon-Feature/Personalized Created with Sketch. Personalized recommendations Advice adressed to GPS of specific vineyard parcel
Icon-Feature/Grape Created with Sketch. High efficiency of spraying/protection Thanks to correct and precise timing
Icon-Feature/Quality Created with Sketch. Improved quality Better grape quality and lowered residues
Icon-Feature/Kauzalne Created with Sketch. Causal models Accurate models even in seasons with atypical course of weather
Icon-Feature/Eco Created with Sketch. Ecological Reduction of environmental risks and preservation of terroir

Precise meteorological data

Following climatic parameters of the abiotic factors which are crucial for the development cycle of harmful agents in the targeted geographical area, the app monitors rainfall, temperature and sunny dawn.

The mathematical algorithm, using the input meteorological data, calculates the expected development of the population of insect pests for each stage of evolution (eggs, larvae, pupa).

Based on the actual and up-to-date input values from the start of the vegetation period, the app verifies whether the preconditions for economically significant incidence of disease are fulfilled (primary contamination).

For fungal pathogens, the algorithm working with predicted values of meteorological parameters evaluates course of abiotic factors that determine the degree of infection risk 7 days in advance (secondary contamination).

Weather forecast

By applying original models of development cycles of key vine grape pests and pathogens, the app also provides the users with detailed weather forecast information for the upcoming 7 days, at 6-hour intervals, updated twice a day.

Forecasts & recommendations

Based on meteorological inputs and mathematical calculations, the customer receives information about infectious pathogens and cryptogrammic risk together with information about the development of insect pests. Model calculates appropriate term antifungal protection for each fungal pathogen and best moment for applications of insecticides for each generation vermin while taking in considerations the type of active ingredient and the duration of its effective operation in the stand.

A seven-day forecast of key abiotic factors ensures that the winegrower receives information about potential phytosanitary intervention in advance. The prediction is accurate, specific and biologically highly effective, as it is targeted at the most vulnerable stage of development of harmful factors and the client receives the information about possible intervention ahead of time.

Winegrowers can now protect their vineyard’s health and with VITIPORT app, they can take necessary actions at the right time to maximize the efficiency of fight against fungal and insect pathogens.