Software Development Partnership with an
Austrian Corporate Startup

WEB portals
APIs & Integration


Mavie Next is a Corporate Startup headquartered in Vienna that is owned by UNIQA Insurance Group, a leading insurance provider in the CEE region. They ideate, incubate, and scale health and wellbeing software solutions to serve as holistic health providers in a preventive space.

Mavie Next has its digital innovation lab, that develops new ventures from ideas to market. As they buy and build new companies, their goal is to integrate all of these companies into one holistic experience.

Why did the Mavie Next partner with BRACKETS?

Our collaboration with Mavie Next came about because our team met with their CTO in Vienna, who was looking for external partners to help them develop a new application for personal home blood testing called Mavie Me.

They needed to rapidly build a prototype and upgrade the front end of the app with very tight deadlines and an ambitious roadmap.

The CTO works with many outsourcing companies in Austria and elsewhere on the development of their new ventures, because of the sheer volume of work and lack of resources.

They chose to work with BRACKETS because we have the right combination of cultural and geographical proximity.


Our first assignment was to build a front-end website as well as an admin portal for Mavie Me. For product administration and checkout process, we used Shopify integration using GraphQL API. We also developed a customer portal where the client could activate their blood tests.

After this project, the CTO asked us to also develop an internal tool that connects all of Mavie’s portals so that users can easily log in to individual websites.

Another project was the development of a portal for health insurers called Mavie KillBill. The app allows people to easily upload a photo of a bill from a doctor for reimbursement.

All of the projects were done in the Mavie design language, where we tried to use similar components as much as possible so that we could develop all the features on time and in an agile manner.

Our long-term collaboration was almost automatic because our developers knew the framework for developing new digital products at Mavie Next, so they were able to swap between multiple projects easily.